The best of Javazone 2014

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This week a few colleagues and I have been to the JavaZone, which is an annual Java/JVM conference arranged here in Oslo. To me, a conference like this is a great opportunity to learn something new, meet new people and old friends and just have fun. Long story short, here are seven of the best talks, ranged by how good, interesting, funny or relevant they were to me. All seven are in English and are suitable for most (Java) developers:

  1. Practical Considerations For Microservice Architectures – a nice talk with some great slides about architecture, design, collaboration and tools.
  2. Making Steaks from Sacred Cows – a hilarious talk about cargo cult programming, how little do we know and the Matrix.
  3. Understanding Java Byte Code - an interesting and brief introduction to the Java byte code format.
  4. JVM tools - a good introduction to a number of tools such as jstat, jmap and mission control.
  5. Building a Big Data Machine Learning Platform - Cliff Click’s presentation of the H20 platform. Quite interesting!
  6. Java 8 Lambdas and Streams for Dummies - a nice but very basic introduction to Java 8. Also mentions using JMH for micro-benchmarking.
  7. 33 Things You Want to Do Better - an interesting talk; towards the end presents also some useful frameworks, such as Guava and LomBok.

As a bonus, for those who likes mathematics and understands Norwegian – Kontroversiell matematikk. Otherwise, more of this year’s presentations and lightning talks can be found here.

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