Getting started with Flutter on Mac

Reading time ~1 minute

Flutter is a great Google SDK allowing effortless creation of mobile apps with native interfaces on iOS and Android. To install it in 30 minutes or less, follow the official installation instructions. Here are a few additional tips:

  • If you are using fish, add set PATH /Users/simonj/flutter/bin $PATH to your .config/fish/
  • For android emulation support install Androind Studio and create a new emulated device, lets call it Pixel_2_API_26. To launch the emulator, run ~/Library/Android/sdk/tools/emulator -avd Pixel_2_API_26
  • Some useful commands:
    • flutter doctor # helps to diagnose problems, install missing components, etc.
    • flutter build apk # builds apk
    • flutter install -d # installs apk to a device. to use your actual phone, mount the phone with usb debug enabled
    • flutter devices # to list devices
  • To use visual studio code, follow these instructions.

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